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21-04-2009 00:19

Digital tuner reset RTC-100
The RTC-100 designed to be used in SMATV and
CATV head-end stations, where individual digital
receivers are used as the source of signal path
Supervising of the correct tuner operating
is executed by checking the audio signal, which is
delivered by satellite digital collector, and then its reset
in case of no signal received. The audio signal
receiving procedure is divided into three stages. In the
first - in the moment of audio signal loss the device is
counting the break time. If the break is longer than 60
seconds the device resets the digital receiver by cutting
the power supply and restarting the receiver.
If there still is no audio signal, the device is counting
next break period to 15 minutes and again resets the
receiver. Continuing audio signal loss causes the time
loss counting till 1 hour and resetting the receiver in
one-hour course.
If there is audio signal present after restarting receiver,
the device acts as in the first stage.
On special order the counting time can be
programmed changed in T*****-TELMOR.

GMT +3. 05:43.

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