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TELMOR инфо Системи за Ефирна цифрова телевизия

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Стар 14-11-2008
TELMOR TELMOR не е на линия
форумно сукалче

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По подразбиране WWK-911

The WWK-911 multiband amplifier is designed for using in collective antenna systems receiving terrestrial digital TV (DVB-T) programs in detached houses, residences, hotels, holiday centers, schools, hospitals, etc. Even situated in places with difficult reception conditions where received signals have different levels and are coming from different directions. Amplifier is designed for receiving these signals, selecting requested channels, equalizing their levels and amplifying them. The WWK-911 amplifier can be used:
- as an independent unit as a part of a satellite multiswitch systems – as additional signal source of RTV signals to the input of individual multiswitch,
- as a part of a simple head-end – up to frequency of 860 MHz.

Additional input (AUX) of the amplifier enables adding at the output signals coming from such equipment like: CCTV camera, DVD player, satellite tuner or PC with TV signals and their further transmission in cable network. The advanced Automatic Control Functions of the amplifier (e.g. signal level equalization, auto detection and supply of antenna preamplifiers) enable their easy activation.

The WWK-911 multiband amplifier is dedicated for indoor use.

Key Features:
- Designed for RTV collective antenna installations – MATV and SMATV systems.
- Selective amplification of up to 8 input UHF signals.
- Automatic detection and power supply for antenna preamplifiers connected to UHF1 ? UH4 inputs.
- Ready to digital terrestrial TV transmission – DVB-T.
- Built-in 2-input AV modulator – only WWK-921.
- Low power consumption.
- Easy installation and adjustment

For detailed information please visit:
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