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TELMOR инфо Системи за Ефирна цифрова телевизия

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Стар 14-11-2008
TELMOR TELMOR не е на линия
форумно сукалче

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По подразбиране Antenna ASR Series (DIGITMax)

Broadband antenna DIGITmax is mainly designed for individual as well as collective antenna installations. It is particularly useful in areas where several TV programmes are transmitted from the same direction. DIGITmax is the passive antenna with internal balun. For poor signals it is used external micro-preamplifier. Preamplifier powering via coax cable directly from DVB-T set-top-box or RTV amplifier like WWK-861.

A plastic carrier for aerial elements, steel mast holder and two extendable reflectors from aluminum rods joint on the sides with brackets are fixed to the transverse aluminum beam. The housing contains
a balun or preamplifier. Coaxial F-female output socket is located at the back of the housing.

Key Features:
- Good reception of distant stations, owing to large gain and direc****ty.
- Internal balun – DIGITmax.
- Supply voltage range for external preamplifier: 5?24V DC.
- Possible to install on a mast, wall etc.
- Modern, light and stable construction.
- Resistant to wind and atmospheric conditions.
- Easy to assembly – without any tools.

For detailed information please visit:
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