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Стар 07-01-2020
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По подразбиране [New Update]NLBrute 2.2 x64 VPN Edition 2020

[New Update]NLBrute 2.2 x64 VPN Edition 2020

[New Update]NLBrute 2.2 x64 VPN Edition 2020

Features :
– Brutus Dedik that are running the version of the OS Vista and above (all which supports NLA)
– Stable operation with a large number of streams (500 and above)
– Relatively high speed brute (depends primarily on the outgoing internet speed), in this case at a rate brute was ~ 5/5 Mbit
– Brutus runs on any version of Windows since XP / Windows 10

– Does not require installing any libraries
– Supports Unicode authorization and templates% username%,% USERNAME%
– upon failure of the operation is possible since the place where Brutus stopped
– Low system requirements
– At work does not create any unnecessary processes
– Brutus is on the list of servers, that is, first there is a brute all the servers in the list for the first pair of username, password, continue on the second and so on, thus avoiding the possible locks on the server side
– Support nonstandard ports (may be supplied to form line input)
– It works only on x64-bit platforms

Information about this version of the software:
1) There is support for blank passwords
2) Now the brute automatically determines the domain, for example: \ Administrator; P @ ssw0rd \ Administrator; password
3) For those who use the scanner masscan, you can immediately download the results of the scan in the brute, without parsing.
4) Small changes in performance
5) Now one can minimize to tray
6) You can turn off a check list of servers at the time of Brutus, in case if you load checked down list
7) You can select RDP default port if loading lists servers without ports (before the default was the port 3389)
8) Reset Brutus, if you want to start again, Brutus, is not loaded again lists ip / user / password

How to start:
1. Unzip the downloaded archive to any folder on your hard drive.
2. Run the executable file before you activate the program window will appear.

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