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Стар 07-01-2020
Аватара на titan
titan titan не е на линия
форумно сукалче

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По подразбиране Rosadin TV Latest Version 2020 Plugins Movie List

Rosadin TV Latest Version 2020 Plugins Movie List

Watch pay TV with free and updated lists 01/05/2020

How does Rosadin TV work?

Rosadin TV is a multimedia management application that works for Windows, MacOS and Linux (there are also mobile versions).

That is, it serves to see all known audio and video formats, with the particularity that it is also compatible with the formats of the free m3u lists, which are used by the channels that are transmitted through the transmission.

In this way, Rosadin TV has become one of the best options to watch broadcast channels in 2019-2020, regardless of whether they are paid or free, this is one of its most coveted advantages, since you can see more than 50,000 channels

Rosadin TV, compared to other similar programs, has some advantages that deserve special attention.

First, there is the fact that Rosadin TV relies completely on open source, which allows the community behind it to make contributions that improve the operation of this program.

Something essential in programs of this type, which in proper operation and efficiency to download content from remote servers, have their most important functions.

Secondly, there is the fact of being a complete multimedia administrator, so it is not only valid for those who wish to download Rosadin's TV lists in 2020 in m3u format.

But, on the contrary, they can use Rosadin TV as their main multimedia player, either to play music files (mp3, wma, ogg, ...) or to watch movies, series or any other type of video content in the More popular. formats, such as mp4, flv, 3gp, with support, even for high definition (HD).

But, without a doubt, one of the biggest benefits of Rosadin TV, precisely in 2019, is the large user community behind.

Users who are not only free to download lists and content through the broadcast, but are users dedicated to creating these Rosadin TV lists.

Therefore, we have one of the programs to view content through m3u lists with a tireless community, which will add new lists and channels every day for others to download in 2020.

In fact, if we made a comparison between all the programs that work in a similar way to Rosadin TV, surely the big winner of 2020 is precisely this, because of the large number of free programming lists that you can download and install on your device.

Platform: PC
Format: .Exe
Weight: 88.9 MB
Patch: Free
Spanish Language
Independent developer
Publisher: Independent
Release Date: N / A!YCQHBYbI!GFoC2EIdl...5RHxyYjR1oAKsQ

Последно редактирано от titan : 07-01-2020 на 11:25
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Стар 12-01-2020
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част от матрицата

Дата на присъединяване: Mar 2011
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Thumbs down Заразен софтуер!

Архива е заразен!

При разархивиране инсталира Троянец(Касандра) в оперативната памет.. Дифендъра в десятката открива вируса, но си мълчи за заразения контейнер и троянеца.. Руския Доктор свърши работа..

Това е при положение, че не съм инсталирал Rosadin TV exe-то.. Какво ли щеше да е ако го бях инсталирал..?!?
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