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Стар 17-05-2009
Аватара на Sharp987
Sharp987 Sharp987 не е на линия
SKIN maker

Дата на присъединяване: Mar 2009
Мнения: 1,562
Благодари: 743
Получил благодарност:
2,617 пъти в 856 поста
Сваляния: 126
Ъплоуди: 113
По подразбиране Enigma2 Release 0.4.0 mini2

Enigma2 Release 0.4.0 mini2
Cuberevo mini - Ipbox 900

release 0.4.0:
- fixed boot image that was not shown every time on every TV
- revert back to python 2.5, now you can use all enigma2 plugins for dreambox receivers wich do not have sources available and wich uses only python files
- fixed DHCP, now is working by network menu configuration
- added the option to enable DHCP also with nfs-server to load enigma2 (just change the kernel loading bootargs)
- fixed the overheading bug on date/time that caused to have always a wrong time/date
- fixed tuxtxt crashes and outputs management
- fixed the bug that causes Timezones outside of Europe not to work, always reverts back to GMT time. All times over 3+ GMT and under GMT did not work.
- spdif audio output on ipbox91hd/cuberevo250hd
- fixed subtitles on dreamtv-hd skin
- fixed aspect ratio: Pan&Scan and Pillar box settings reversed
- fixed menu selection options that were not selectable, like 8MHz bandwith selection, or many fec options
- fixed skin HD
- updated skin HD
- enabled ntfs as module
- patch for white subtitles (i don't know if this is usefull or not, but i thought it's better to have a
white subtitle with black background, just more viewable)
- fixed EPG button (now you can choose wich kind of epg list to view)
- fixed deep standby broken since 0.3.3 (do not forget to delete all wakeup timers from dgstation firmware, because if you forget it,
then the box will restart automatically!)
- added a Satellites configuration with all sat positions (if you think there's something missed you can still add yourself configuration files)
- added a Terrestrial configuration to support almost all Europe providers (inserted general europe voice,
obiously i can't add a provider for each one on the worl, so just update the file if you need a specific provider)
- fixed some other channels scan bugs
- fixed menu Network test on the "link connection" voice
- fixed positioner menu crashes
- MediaPlayer Bug with a gsod on NoneType error using subtitles
- fixed rotor using diseqc
- reboot of enigma2 now should works good
- completed the kernel version p0041 adaption
- improved a bit CI cams manager
- fixed many memory bugs that caused the player to crash (let me know if you find more bugs on playing multimedia files)
- ipkg support, as soon as sifteam will have a download for ipk files you will be able to download them from the browse plugin menu
- added by default the file /var/etc/ that is called on boot, so if you want to add any kind of command to be executed on start
just put them in this file
- patch for North American satellites (let me know if you find any kind of bugs)

if you are a NA user, do not forget to change in the "/etc/init.d/rcS" file this value:
insmod $MODDIR/stmfb.ko display0=1280x720-32@50:12M:PAL:YUV:RGB;

insmod $MODDIR/stmfb.ko display0=1280x720-32@60:12M:NTSC:YUV:RGB;

This is needed to let you see the boot image and to have a full working display on TV.

Ok that's all, i know there are some other bugs to be fixed, but i think there were a lot of improvement in this version and
i'm working to some new drivers so i think before using the new drivers we should test all these improvements and then see if something could be better or not.

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