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Стар 31-05-2021
Sat2000 Sat2000 не е на линия
форумно сукалче

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По подразбиране Help us with new technologies


We are r&d company and we implemented some new technologies in STB that I would like to discuss. Namely, the functions of streaming, sat finder (with and without 3D lnb), diagnostics, usage without a TV set, and open Web API. I would like to hear the opinion of your group on what options are needed/in what countries they are needed/or what to develop to make them more useful.

We modify RTOS (Ecos) SW. The first option is sat finder option. You can watch videos here ( ), here ( ) and here ( )


1. Do you think the installation option is important for your country for final users and installers? Please tell your country in the comments

2. What do you think about the process?

3. Is 3D lnb useful?

The second option is diagnostics. We measure LNB supply current, operating mode of the power supply, 22khz, antenna angles (static and dynamic), TP Lock Error, LM, PER, RSSI, supply voltage at the output of the receiver. Right now the first part of diagnostics is ready. You can watch this here ( ). The second part will be a spectrum. It is needed to understand the type of attenuation and distortion. Detects overlapping GSM signals and other terrestrial interference from both 950 to 2150 MHz and 10 to 13 GHz. The spectrum also allows you to assess the cause of the insufficient signal. In the case of a crooked antenna, the beam is bifurcated, that is, several adjacent satellites can be received at one point. In the case of a cable with a different impedance, there will be a mismatch and standing waves that have a constant character. Third – fix-it-yourself instructions for users


4. Do you think the diagnostics option is important for your country for final users or installers? Please tell your country in the comments

5. What is possible to add to the measurements and what is the final purpose for these measurements?

6. Do the installers in your country need to receive reports about satellite system conditions from users? Do users usually have a router or smartphone?

7. Do operators in your system make normal service to the clients? Or tell them to find problems by themselves?

The third option is streaming. After installation, you download the m3u list from STB and you can use programs like IPTV or IPTV Pro. The quality is the same as transmitted. You can add picons. We guess that this will be useful for DVB-T2 first of all (that means for combo model). But it can be used in the countries with large quantities of open channels, or with some channels which can be opened by usual Chinese boxes.


8. Are FTA channels popular in your country? From what satellite?

9. Are there any channels in your countries that can be opened by usual Chinese boxes (and please tell me if there are non-paired cards like Conax). From what satellite?

10. How popular can be DVB streaming in your country?

The next option is the open web API. You can watch it here ( ) Everybody can modify our extensions/application or make their own.


11. Are there many web programmers and enthusiasts in your country who will want to modify SW on mobile devices?

And the last option is the usage without a TV set.


12. Are there many places without good internet?

13. Does everybody in your country has mobile devices?

14. Do you think watching DVB on mobile devices will be popular?
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Стар 01-06-2021
Аватара на Модерен индивид
Модерен индивид Модерен индивид не е на линия
форумно сукалче

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По подразбиране This is a Bulgarian forum

There is a dedicated international section for topics in other languages.

1. Most pay-TV users just want a working service. Only us enthusiasts would bother moving a dish to a different position. Installers have satfinders which suffice for the installation service they provide.
2 & 3. From a technical standpoint, every feature which make an install easier for an amateur installer is a good feature. The current solution of using a smartphone to point the dish and using a TV set to accurately pinpoint the best signal can be simplified using your technology.
4. Installers already have specialized equipment to detect and fix faults. Users usually don't want to bother and call in the techs to fix any problem that occurs.
5. Unclear question.
6. No information. Users often have TV and Internet bundles and most of the population is online via smartphones or PCs.
7. You question should be "Do technicians visit the client's property if a problem occurs?". Often the problem can be fixed by phone, but if a physical defect is found, technicians are sent to check and fix the fault.
8. FTA is popular with radio amateurs and TV enthusiasts. Bulgarian TV operators don't broadcast their content FTA. Most of the time people sign up for TV plus Internet packages and don't care as long as they can watch their sports and national programmes. Most popular satellites here are the Hotbird and Astra 1 systems.
9. I don't pirate TV but reading the topics here, I can say other enthusiasts have been able to watch pirated content.
10 & 14. I don't think DVB on smartphones would be popular because most smartphone users already have a data plan which often includes complimentary IPTV service (e.g. A1 Xplore TV & TVGO/EON)
11. Your question is a bit unclear so I'll interpret. If you're asking if there are people modifying ROMs, the answer is maybe. Modifying phone software is not something web developers take on.
12. The only places without cell coverage are isolated villages with a mostly elderly population
13. People aged 14-60 yrs. regularly use smartphones, but the elderly still prefer using basic feature phones.

I hope this feedback helps your team get a view on the Sat-TV landscape around the world and help you make a groundbreaking innovation.

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