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Стар 28-11-2010
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По подразбиране CableStar Combo HD CI

CableStar Combo HD CI


Thanks to the CableStar Combo HD CI you will experience television in a new dimension.

In addition to the TV and radio programmes of conventional television, CableStar Combo HD CI via cable allows you also to receive the brilliant image and sound worlds of new high-resolution television (HDTV).
HDTV offers television indulgence of a hitherto unheard quality. The crystal-clear pictures are richer in detail, the colours are more luscious and the contours sharper. The sound quality is excellent and impresses with its outstanding room-filling resonance. Furthermore the box supports the digital television via DTT antenna.

Top Equipment
The video processing software “Easy Video Editing” EVE v2 is a top equipment highlight that is covered in the delivery contents. This software is from MainConcept and offers many new professional features. It comes with a fully new designed DVD- Authoring with recording function as well as with the processing of videos via Timeline and Storyboard. This allows you to issue your own VCDs, SVCDs and DvDs simply and swiftly.

Additional features
Additional features of CableStar Combo HD CI are TIMESHIFT, which allows to watch time-delayed TV; a free programme information service, which offers a preview up to five days; and the video text function, that enables you anytime to access all important news.

Common Interface (CI)
Thanks to a CI fitting slot is possible to receive encrypted programmes by using the appropriate CI module.

Performance features

USB box (USB 2.0) for the reception of programmes on PC or notebook

Reception possibilities
Reception of digital television and radio programmes via cable
Reception of digital television and radio programmes via DTT
Suitable for Pay-TV

Recording functions
Video recorder function (DVR) – recording of broadcasts on the hard disc of the computer

Timeshift function (time-delayed viewing)

Further features
Free-of-charge programme information service

Additional software
DVBViewer TE2 (TechniSat edition) – reception and reproduction tool
Video-Editing-Software EVE v2- processing software with many professional features

Scope of delivery

CableStar Combo HD CI (with integrated IR-receiver)
Remote control incl. batteries

Installation CD
DVBViewer TE2
BDA driver

System requirements

Supported operating systems

Windows 7 (x86/x64)
Windows Vista (x86/x64)
Windows XP (x86/x64)

Minimum requirements
Intel Pentium 4 (1,8 GHz or higher)
512 MB main memory (RAM)

64 MB free hard disc memory
10 GB free hard disc memory for the PVR function

1 free USB port (USB 2.0)


Software-Version 1.1 (incl. DVBViewer TE2) (40,98 MB)
Added support for Windows 7 (RTM)

3D Installer Pack (1,08 MB)
Installing software to extend the DVBViewer TE 2 for 3D television.
Please note that only an English manual is available.
In addition, no support is provided for this installation package.

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